Bright & Brighter: The Online India Retail Story

The retail sector in India is growing at 13-14% CAGR and is expected to more than double its current size to reach a massive USD 1.3 trillion by 2019-2020. Meanwhile, online retail is growing at an accelerated rate of 65% every year, though the actual numbers are still small.

The Story within the Story

Today, there are more than 15 million small Retailers in India. They form the foundation of the Indian Retail Industry and a large number of them are family run businesses. Today they are starting to see really aggressive competition from online players and also large organized retail chains. Unorganized Retail, which accounts for 92% of the sector currently, is expected to go down to 76% by 2020. Business Owners are now starting to realize how critical it is for them to be able to use technology and leverage the power of the Internet, to maintain and grow their business.

The sad reality though, is that most do not have the skill, the means or the time to create and manage an online presence. As a consequence, many of these small Retail stores and Businesses are today in danger of going out of business with the potential result being serious employment and economic repercussions. The hustle bustle of the Indian Bazaar as we know it today is in grave danger and so are the families that run them.

The bottom line:
These retailers realize the need for an online presence to stay competitive.

The (Happy) Twist in the Tale

This is exactly why MyyShopp exists.

We are India’s leading e-Commerce solution for local shops, Retailers and Business Owners. Nearly 3 years ago we began our journey as a Technology Partner. Our sole purpose is to work with owners across Business communities to help create and manage their Digital Identities. MyyShopp today, helps Retailers and Business Owners go online, with their own e-Commerce websites and enables them to start selling, promoting & delivering locally or globally. Our e-Commerce Platform is built to cater to the unique requirements for each business.

With absolutely NO Technical expertise required, you can today simply register with us and start creating your online store. Our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Platform is ready to use and you can build and customise it just the way you customise your physical store. For those of you that still think it’s too much to manage on your own, fear not, The MyyShopp Team will help you build your store and even help manage & maintain it, if you so choose.

We are a small but growing Team of hard-workers just like you. Each and every one of us goes to work to help ensure that your business grows and prospers, because that’s how we will grow too. We believe that with Technology as our expertise and Business as yours, ours is a relationship that’s fated to grow and prosper together.

So here we are, calling out to all of you current and future Business Owners, those moms & dads that work from home and the enterprising youngsters eager to start their own businesses.

Because together, we know that we can build something beautiful.